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Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Be careful who performs your air conditioning repairs. At Bellaire Air, we treat your home with respect. We use drop cloths and booties inside your home so after every air conditioning repair, your home looks exactly the same as when we arrived.

When you need air conditioning service, we provide it. At _Bellaire Air_ we do our best fix and repair your air conditioner, rather than trying to sell you a new air conditioner, like many air conditioning contractors.


Is Your Home Too Hot?

Living through a south Texas summer with little or no A/C can be detrimental to the well-being of anyone that resides in your home. If your A/C refuses to cool down, give us a call immediately so we can ensure your system gets back to working order.  Call now to speak with a member of the Bellaire Air team at (713) 772-1217.

Air Conditioner Installation

Bellaire Air will help you select the best air conditioner for your budget. Bigger is not always better. At Bellaire Air we will analyze your home to ensure that the right size air conditioner is selected for optimum cooling and comfort.

Bellaire Air has wide range of experience with many different brands of air conditioners.

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